Institutional Members
Professional Institutions and associations related to construction industry, with a membership and rules & regulations of their own, admitted as Institutional Members. Currently there are 14 member institutions and associations.

Statutory Agency Members
Government Corporations and Boards incorporated by an Act of Parliament and engaged in various regulatory and commercial functions related to construction industry admitted as Statutory Agency Members.

Corporate Members
Companies, Partnerships and Sole Proprietorships engaged as construction contractors, property developers, consultants, material manufacturers, furniture manufacturers, materials suppliers, interior decorators, landscapers, machinery suppliers and hirers, banks, leasing companies, insurers etc. admitted as Corporate Members.

Overseas Corporate Members
Above mentioned companies with foreign ownership.

SME Members
Small or Medium Enterprise corporate entities with fewer than 50 employees or share capital less than Rs. 5.0 Million with annual turnover less than Rs. 50 Million under the laws of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka who are admitted as SME Members by the Council.

Individual Members
Construction industry professionals and natural persons engaged in construction industry related activities admitted as Individual Members.

Honorary Members
Persons distinguished in statesmanship, diplomacy and persons who have rendered special service to the construction industry admitted as Honorary Members. They will have no right to vote at a meeting.

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