About Us

The Chamber of Construction Industry of Sri Lanka (CCI) was established on 16th October 2001 and later incorporated on 24th March 2003 as a company limited by guarantee with 7 founding member Institutions and Associations. At present the following 12 Institutional Members and In addition over three hundred corporate and statutory members represent the construction industry in this Chamber.

  • Sri Lanka Institute of Architects
  • Institute of Quantity Surveyors Sri Lanka
  • Institute of Town Planners Sri Lanka
  • The Surveyors Institute of Sri Lanka
  • The Institute of Valuers Sri Lanka
  • The Association of Consulting Engineers Sri Lanka
  • National Construction Association of Sri Lanka
  • Insurance Association of Sri Lanka
  • Ceylon Institute of Builders
  • Major Constructors of Sri Lanka
  • Lanka Ready-mix Concrete Association
  • Society of Structural Engineers Sri Lanka
  • Green Building Council of Sri Lanka

The growing conviction that the capacity of the Construction Industry which has great potential to stimulate economic growth had not been properly harnessed largely contributed to the formation of this apex body.

The Chamber is a company limited by guarantee where no profits or dividends could be declared to the members. The Chamber is administered by a Board of Directors elected by the Members under the direction of the Council which is also elected by the Members. All the stakeholders of the construction industry are very well represented in the Council, which is the main policy making body.

CCI is now positioned as the “Main Voice” on issues affecting the Construction Industry and is committed to protecting and promoting the construction industry. We endeavor to mediate wherever possible on issues faced by our members. It also acts as a facilitator of investments on development projects on Public- Private Partnership (PPP) model.

CCI Sri Lanka was incorporated on 18th November 2019 by an Act of Parliament – “CCI Sri Lanka (Incorporation) Act, No. 23 of 2019”

The Chamber enjoys a consultative status with the Government, Multilateral Development Banks and International Funding Agencies among many others.

Services offered by the Chamber and Benefits to Members

  • Advocacy on Policy and Legislative issues relating to the construction industry. In its capacity as the apex representative body of the construction industry, CCI continuously voices the concerns and views of its membership so as to ensure that decisions taken by policy makers are in the best interests of the construction industry. CCI is continuously consulted on industry related issues by the Government and is represented in the Construction Industry Development Authority and National Advisory Council on Construction. CCI has been continuously discharging its Advocacy role and has been instrumental in the drafting of the Construction Industry Development Act already enacted and the Construction Industry Policy Document which is adopted by the Government.
  • Provision of Specialized Consultancy Services to Stakeholders of the Domestic Construction Industry as well as Business Development Services which are mainly targeted at the SME Sector. These services include Technical, Financial and Legal Services among others.
  • Trade / Business Networking among Chamber Members by securing preferential terms from Manufacturers and Vendors of Construction Inputs from among the membership and promoting these inputs on preferred terms to members who are end-users / consumers.
  • Promotion of Export of Construction Related Professional Services and Contracting Capacities, being the identified Focal Point for Export Promotion of  Sri Lankan Construction Services.
  • Promotion of Investment for Infrastructure Development and Megapolis Development  in Sri Lanka. The Chamber is actively promoting investment for Infrastructure Development and Urban Regeneration in Sri Lanka. Secretary General / CEO made a detailed presentation at the 7th International Infrastructure Investment and Construction Forum  held in Macau, China organized by the China International Contractors Association ( CHINCA).  In 2018 a MOU was entered between CCISL and CHINCA for better cooperation and understanding.
  • Enhancing Industry Capacities & Competitiveness by providing Construction Craftsman Training to under privileged youth in rural areas, as a CSR initiative, in the core industry competencies of Carpentry, Masonry, Electrical Wiring and Plumbing. Training of craftsmen is essential to mitigate the very acute shortage of skilled construction craftsmen in the industry. Based on a proposal of the Chamber to the Government, now it is decided to train 15000 youth in construction skills under the Multi Purpose Development Task Force to be deployed on construction projects.
  • Accreditation of Construction Craftsmen in the Industry through Recognition of Prior Learning Programmes and Bridging Programmes in association with the National Apprentice & Industrial Training Authority (NAITA) to facilitate creation of an “Accredited Workforce”. This programme will complement the training element dealt with above.
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